Day 117, Day 118 and Day 119 and Day 120 pt1

Thursday – crap Friday – Crapper Saturday my mum was down and we went out shopping for livs birthday, was a good day, enjoyed seeing my mum. Went to the gym, did my interval run/walk and my 30/30 workout then went home, after my pre period eating and lack of gym thought I’d have gained […]

Day 116

Still no gym.. starting to get annoyed that I couldn’t go this week am deffo going to have gained this week. I’m still trying to make sure I do my 10,000 steps a day.  Going to try get to the gym on friday and Saturday (have work sunday) then hopefully back at it again properly […]

Day 114

Didn’t got to the gym but did do over 20,000 steps from working at the chelsea flower show gala evening.. started at 2 finished at 10 but didn’t get home and into bed until 12pm/am again.. knackered  Signing off for now Laura

Day 113

Woke up and took liv back to ben, gym at 12ish did my interval training and then fat burn class.. was epic.. felt amazing afterwards  Signing off for now  Laura

Day 112

Woke up at 6am Left at 6:45 Got to feltham station for 7:30 Got to newbury racecourse for 8:30-ish – in a car share with 3 other people.. Started properly at 9/10ish Finished at 6:30/45 Boys from car share finish at 9:20 Get to feltham station at 10:30 Get home at 11:20 Die at 12pm/am […]