Day 134

GymGymGym Was at the gym from 10:30-2:00 today feel awesome did 2 classes and my own workout so I’m back!!!!  Have reset my fitbit to do 12,000 as my goal as I really gotta up my game if imma get in shape for holiday.. super psyched!! Tis my Meemaw’s birthday so happy birthday mumma 🎁🎁 […]

Day 133

Went to chessington today, child completely acted up and so we only stayed for 3:45mins..  ended up doing 15,000+ steps today so I’m happy ☺️ Signing off for now  Laura

Day 127 – Day 130

I’m struggling to find motivation to write, I’m struggling to find motivation for the gym, I’m barely doing 10,000 steps a day and I dunno whats wrong with me. I have 3.5 assignments to do in just under 5 days I’ve got the gym Saturday night and both classes like normal on sunday and one […]

Day 125 & Day 126

Friday, went swimming with dan and the kids, knackering that’s exactly why I don’t swim lol, this week has been crap for me half term always is, gym was shut for refurb thursday/friday so couldn’t go but I’ve got so much work to do for end of term (14th june) so should really focus on […]