Day 81-83

I’m getting so bad at writing 🙈

Wednesday gym was great, didn’t manage day 3 of 7 as I have been having trouble sleeping and just couldn’t do it so walked for an hour instead, did my squats/lunges was a productive session.

Thursday was planning an evening session but went with dan to Southampton to get a gearbox (don’t ask lol) inpromptu rest day but was needed.

Friday.. had gym still didn’t run but walked on higher incline so felt good, just about managed squats/lunges before I had to go job centre then straight after to the SH clinic to arrange to copper coil IUD

Tomorrow or rather today.. I’m planning an evening session once livs back at her dads so I’ve not got to rush back from the gym so can push myself properly.. excited 🤘🏻

Signing off for now



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