Day 75/76/77

Apologies for my lack of writing but my benefit got stopped on Wednesday or at least I found out Wednesday, this completely knocked me for six as I haven’t had a proper proper job since 2010/2011 so 6/7 years, I’ve had a few mental health issues that prevented me from working and so I was on one benefit but now I’ve moved to something called universal credit. Since being with my partner I’ve always tried to pull my weight financially and then when something like this happens I feel like an even bigger burden and it just completely fucked my head up (for lack of a better word) It seems this week my gym mojo stopped like my benefit stopped and although mentally I want to go I feel too depressed to actually shift my arse. I’ve got my class booked for monday so I’m going to deffo start going again from monday, but I’ve comfort ate and not done any exercise so I’m also skipping this weeks weight in as that will also depress me further.

This isn’t the end of my fitness, its not even that I’ve lost my appetite for the gym I have so much more to do and that I want to achieve from the gym I’ve just been mentally lowered due to my financial situation. 

Thank you for sticking with me

Signing off for now



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