Day 65

Didn’t do much this morning if I’m honest, went to get liv some summer/holiday clothes, got back at 4pm left to go meet serena in crane park, literally dumped my child on her (poor serena) and went to the gym for my tabata fit class, enjoyed it we did circuits today, 

  • Bum lift
  • Elbow to knee
  • Plank
  • Steps (up/down) 
  • Burpees 
  • Ropes (where you swing the rope up and down) 
  • Reverse crunch
  • Backwards lunge

Thoroughly enjoyed this, I’ve got a new show I’m watching on netflix called 13 reasons why.. not gonna explain it but its really good can’t stop watching it, dans at work tonight so gonna crack out as many 1hr episodes as I can.

Had sweet potato mash, chicken in mushroom sauce and Brussels for dinner was anazing!! Love asdas sweet potato mash. Gotta wait in tomorrow for a my Protein delivery but if its early enough I’ve booked an abs and back class at 3 if not I’ll use the weights that dan has and do something in the evening when hes gone to work instead.. better go.. got some netflix to watch 😁

Signing off for another night, I will keep on top of my posting also:

Eeeek I’m getting there 



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