Day 56

Saturday.. achieved my 10,000 steps but not a lot else, weigh in tomorrow and although I have my fingers crossed I’m 80% sure I an the same or gained, my food hasn’t been too bad this week and I have walked 70,000 steps in 3 days but I think I feel like if I stay realistic then I can’t be let down (by myself) although its not technically a ‘let down’ its just a hiccup and will push past it.. after all I doubt I’m back to 13st 4lb so anything is better than that.

Got a legs, bums and tums class at 11 and then gonna do my own workout arms/legs then I’ve got dinner with dans family.. its also mothers day tomorrow and liv is with her dad which I’m not sad about half term is coming up and her dad is working solid for those 2 weeks so I’ll make up my daughter time lol

Chilling infront of the telly watching criminal minds whilst dan is at his ‘rents seeing kobie now hes finished work.. tired and bored. Bed soon..

Signing off for now



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