Day 50 – Happy Birthday Me!

So I’m 29 today.. planned to see my mum but shes ill and currently not sure if I’m actually seeing her.. great start to my birthday.. no gym planned for today but if mum can’t make it will go later, am not wasting a perfectly good day. My sister didn’t particularly want to see me today anyway so bet shes feeling smug that she might not have too now.  Of course I’m pissed off, its my birthday.. she can’t help being ill but she saw my brother yesterday (yes she was ill but he seems to have gotten the best of her) my partner has been gone most days and evenings this week too so barely seen him except when we’re both tired.. great fucking time.

Bit miffed.. got up stupidly early when I may not have needed too now.. I only got to sleep at 2 then up at 7.30 thats not a lot of sleep especially for me..

Anyway if things cheer up and/or change I’ll post again later

Signing off for now



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