Fit bit/fit cow

SOOOOO… my partner has bought me a fitbit flex 2 (on my instruction of course) it’s currently at home on charge whilst I watch my daughters stage 4 swimming lesson. 

I’ve been on my fitbit app and sorted a few bits out and its basically like MyFitnessPal but with a watch.. kind of feel like a bit of a traitor as MFP has been a good reliable friend to me over the years logging my weight fluctuations and not judging as i went from the higher end of 10st to 11st to 12st to 13st.. I can only hope that fitbit will be forgiving and supportive as I try to get from 13st to 11 possibly 10st again.. 

I will be keeping MFP and continuing to log my weight on it but am sad to see it overshadowed by a newer trendier app. 

Hopefully my fitbit will be up and running tonight (typical tomorrow is a no gym day) and I can start tracking all my different activities throughout the week.. so far today I’ve done 15.327 steps and I’m still out so will probably be nearer 20000 by the nights end.. farewell MyFitnessPal you have served me well 🤘🏻

Signing off (again)



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