Day 36

So I missed my first class today.. well I didn’t ‘miss’ it I was 5 minutes late and there was already 3 rows of 3 people so nowhere for me to go had to miss it by default. if I hadn’t weighed myself first I would have made it, plus normally i’m there at 10.15/10.30 but today i slept in and Dan dropped me at 10.50.

I’ve lost 1lb I don’t know if its the pills, a fluke or the start of my weight loss at long last but yay.. I’ve lost a pound. By next weigh in the injection should be completely out of my system and I will either be bleeding or have lost more weight maybe even both but I’ve never been more excited to have a period after nearly 3 years.

  • waist: 35 inches
  • abdomen: 43 inches
  • chest: 40 inches
  • R. thigh: 27 inches
  • L. thigh: 25 inches

Not bad going.. got college tomorrow and tuesday but I’ve still got my 30 day ab challenge to do and a program to write for my own personal weigh loss and personal trainer recommended program.

I’m happy and excited about moving on and hopefully losing more weight 🙂

Signing off



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