Day 29

Well and truly threw my toys out the pram today:

The above.. second weigh in on Orlistat and 3rd nearly 4th week (1st march) at the gym.. bust my ass in classes go to the gym 2/3/4 times a week depending on half terms/assignments/child care and yet no bloody weight loss. Yes I know muscle is heavier and it takes time and my BMI is lowering and its all good but I essentially joined to lose weight and nothing has changed 4 weeks, I know longer eat chocolate (unless its a breakfast bar etc) I don’t drink copious amounts of diet coke,I drink at least 2litres of water a day and eat more vegetables and healthier food but nope.. body doesn’t give a shit so i walked out of my first class at 11, went to the changing rooms and cried. And cried. Then rang dan and cried some more.. he came and got me.. btw men are useless at saying what you wanna hear so i let him speak but he just added to my irritability to be honest. Dropped my stuff at home, got to dans parents and then took myself for a walk to ring my mum who always knows the right thing to say. I am not quiting the gym in fact I’m annoyed at myself for leaving and not finishing my classes. That will not help my situation. Stupid cow. Now I’ve collected my thoughts and gotten over myself I’m ready to hit the gym fresh thinking on Wednesday. 

Need to not lose sight of this

Signing off for now



2 thoughts on “Day 29

  1. Something you need to remember is that it will take time to get where you want to be. This is just the starting point and the last 4 weeks is your body adjusting to the change, it will get there, it’s harder to keep the mentality that brings the motivation! You’re doing amazingly, and cut yourself some slack! You’ve done more than most people would do in 4 weeks.

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