Day 29 – changes

So after talking to my mum and dans mum I’ve decided that I’m not renewing my depo injection on the 8th march, all I keep thinking since I’ve been unable to shift anything for 3 weeks is that its down to this, I’ve steadily been putting on weight since I first got it in Dec 2014 and I’ve decided that I’m taking my body back. I’m going to have a few periods and then hopefully get put on the copper coil (no hormones) in a few months time. By then I should either be losing weight (so I know my paranoia about my weight being the injection was right) or I’ll still be a fat bitch with literally no reason for not losing weight. I am so excited for my period, should hopefully have this injection out of my system by 12th March. 

Positive steps forward. Things need to change 

Thanks for reading, signing off (again)



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