Day 22

Am writings this from a bike in the gym, weigh in was shite no weight loss at all despite gym and Orlistat, feeling even more fed up now tbh but I can’t quit, not even been going to the gym a month yet!

Need to not lose sight of why I’m doing this.. to lose the belly and tone up.. it takes time I know this so need to carry on, can’t help but feel like fridays missed class didn’t help my motivation or my weight. I need to start shifting this fat or I’m going to have to come off the tablets (or not be prescribed more) if something doesn’t change weight wise soon.

My positivity has currently taken a nosedive but will persevere regardless, I’m not gonna quit, I’ll just have to work harder and start doing more at home. 

Fit doesn’t have a size. It has a mentality. Do not lose sight of that Laura.

Signing off for now



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