Day 12

Hey I’m sorry that my posts have been crap lately its so hard to find time to sit and write, I’ve got college, gym and family time and last night I was tired and drained, my partner is currently in Denmark and has been there since tuesday, I last saw him when he dropped me off to my interview so haven’t even properly celebrated me getting in yet.

Went to the gym today did 15mins on the bike, 15mins on the treadmill and did 30 bicep curls and 20 shoulder lifts. I managed 30/40 thigh thingys ->…<- I also did 30 pectoral things too.. hopefully I’ll be hurting tomorrow to show for it, have got legs, bums and tums and fat burner on Sunday at 11 and 1 so its all good, half term from college and school next week, got 2 classes booked for valentines day evening (partner is at work if he’s back in the country lol) I have abs blast and cardio blast at 7 and 7.30 so I’m excited and planning ahead.

 Have adapted this mind frame so I don’t snack on chocolate when I’m hungry and/or bored. Debating whether or not to do HIIT tomorrow (High intensity interval training) but noone else has signed up to the class and know that I’d probably die if it was just me, I know I should probably sign up.. gives me another day at the gym.. fuck it.. 

 Signed up.. will write tomorrow how it went.

Signing off



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