Day 8

Blimey its been a week since I started this. Today I went to the gym I got there for 10.30 so I could warm up before my first class ‘Bums, tums and legs’ except either the teacher didn’t show or I was in the wrong place but that class didn’t happen, I went on a bike for 30 mins then did some arm presses and then bike again then leg, thigh, peck and crunches. I basically wasted time until my next class at 1 which was ‘Fat burner’ and OMG it was tough, burpees, sit ups, 10lb bicep curls then shoulder lifts, plank and push ups and lunges but all of those we had to do as many as we could in a minute.. 🏋🏻‍♀️

I ache now I’m home, I had a shake this morning, a fibre one bar when I finished and since being home I’ve had a muller light yoghurt and an apple, my go to flavour for water is strawberry (as long as its sugarfree) 

I have college Monday and tuesdays so I won’t be going to the gym but can probably incorporate what I’ve done today in class into a home workout, I look forward to signing up to more classes next week (now I know where to go) 

Will log my diet and food the next few days ✌🏻

Signing off



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