Day 5

I’ve got a blister 😭

I was 15 minutes into my treadmill workout today and the pain.. I’m not impressed but spose its to be expected when you’re wearing new-ish trainers. I’m annoyed that I’m gonna have to take a few days away from the gym to fix my heel but have got a legs,bum & tums class booked for sunday at 11 and fat burn booked for 1 both 30 minutes long so can work out in the mean time between classes. If they are good obviously I’ll continue doing those, I guess I’ll stick to charlotte for the next 2 days then I can do it at home and I won’t need trainers 👍🏻

Started the day with water and a shake, still feeling heavily motivated to go to the gym so once ‘the foot’ is better.

Signing off



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