Day 2 Pt.2

I’m finally home from college, I didn’t do my charlotte dvd tonight i did a couple of my own exercises that I’ve seen online so did some ab work.

Am waiting for my dinner to cook, I’ve got a chicken breast and golden vegetable rice, I’ve got a banging headache which is probably a mixture of stress and lack of sugar and proper food as I’ve eaten carrots and had shakes for meals, can’t wait to eat.. starving!

Gonna have another shake before bed and take some water to bed with me.. keep on going.. one step at a time.

Feel a bit guilty I haven’t properly worked out but I’ve done my 10000 steps today and carried my bag up 4 flights of stairs etc so I’ve not completely been sitting on my ass lol.

Got my shakes/water/snacks ready for tomorrow so I’m all set.

Signing off



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