Day 2 Pt.1

So yesterday I started my blog and my exercise, I’ve decided that I’m going to start using Ex Geordie Shorecharlotte star Charlotte Crosby’s 3 minute belly blitz to help aid my weightloss as well as ‘My Protein’ Impact diet whey in the form of chocolate mint flavour (not as nice as the double chocolate but needs must)

Stomach aches from doing 3/12 of charlottes workout including the 10 minute extra ab section at the end, I’ve drunk a bottle of volvic strawberry water already and had a chocolate fudge fibre 10 bar (yummy) I mentally need to stay focused in order to keep going other wise i’m not going to have the motivation. Wednesday I plan on finally applying for my NUS card (irrelevent here) but also signing up to the gym (The Gym Group) in hounslow and hopefully will go for my first session on thursday whilst lil legs is at school. I’m feeling enthusiastic but i’m such a size that I also think why bother. This is not the attitude to have I know, I need to remember this mantra.. Fit doesn’t have a size it hasmental a mentality.. keep repeating.. fit doesn’t have a size it has a mentality..

I’m at college where obviously all I wanna do is eat and drink crap but I’ve got a bag of carrots in my pully (My wheelie bag) 3 bottles of water and 2 more tubs for me to have my shakes later at lunch and on my way home from dropping olivia to her dads before I get home and attempt charlotte again.

Need to start maybe thinking about vitamins? thinking about what I want to use at the gym, apparently muscle speeds metabolism and metabolism aids weight loss so maybe I need to start doing a few weights as long as they’re not too heavy. my overall aim is to fit into my holiday clothes again at least, I have 5 months I need to tone, tighten and tense so that happens.

Have class in 15 minutes I’d better go, will post again later once I’ve got home and worked out.

Signing off


P.s – Fit doesn’t have a size it has a mentality.. (>_<)


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