Day 1

I’ve started a blog to keep track of my weight loss progress and to write my thoughts and feelings, pros, cons and information, sites, things I’m trying in a bid to get back down to at least 10st instead if the horrendous 13st 3oz that my lard ass is currently, my weigh has only become an issue since I started antidepressants in 2011 but it wasn’t enough to warrant doing something about. My nan used to accuse me of being on drugs i was that skinny and have found with other BPD sufferers that I’m not alone in this for some bizarre reason.
Even when I was pregnant I was still skinny, i put on a bit of weight drinking full fat coke which when I changed to diet I lost a stone of. 2015 brought a few hiccups up in my weight in the form of my nan dying and giving up smoking so i took to comfort eating over nan and binge eating due to not smoking.. plus a trip to America where i could have lived on chocolate chip pancakes and maple syrup alone.

But still its 2017, I’m fat, I’m miserable and I’m ready to sort the flab out. I have an instagram fatcowskinnycow2017 where i will photographically monitor my weight loss and/or gains (oh god please make me skinny)

Signing off



3 thoughts on “Day 1

  1. best of luck on your journey to being healthier. I am trying to start that journey myself. I will follow your progress and hope for it’s motivating me :). I started about 3 weeks ago but then I fell off for a few days and now I am getting back to it. It for sure is a lifelong battle. Best to you


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